Saturday, January 1, 2011



It's peace for the Pisceans this 2011, isn’t that lovely?

Pisceans are looking at a year of harmony, peace and fulfillment. You’ve been struggling for a while, so now’s the time for you to sit back and enjoy as everything falls into place methodically. You will be faced with many decisions, and might feel the need to apply your learning over the years to make an informed decision.

The Lovers card while very obviously represents what it does – it may also imply the opposite - because for some this the year where being single might be a cause of very intense worry and inner conflict. You arrive on a life-changing decision such as changing your environment (moving out, changing a job) or leaping toward an achievement which may need you to leave something behind, because the lovers are at the brink of a big decision.

Lovewise, there is a great essense of familial celebrations this year. Things on the immediate family front look promising – things start to shape up and rewards benefit everyone. You are likely to indulge in some sort of a make-over or self-improvement project that may involve physical exercise, etc to work on your attractability to the opposite sex. You will finally be in a place of security and be able to accept yourself and perhaps some of you may work on fixing family issues to restore peace.

Careerwise, you have things turning a little tricky because you may have to prove your worth in order to establish a certain stature. You’ll emerge victorious among healthy competitors, because you aren’t a sign that likes things coming easy. You like to have earned your place – and this is why success and admiration will follow.

Watch out for some really nasty energy out there. Let’s admit it – no one enjoys watching another walk away with all the accolades, jealousy can be oh so lovely. Try not to feel repressed by this uncalled for rebellion that takes off sometime along the year. You might have someone trying to turn over this very lovely place you’re going to be in – so don’t waste your time giving heed to their nonsense – turn your head and walk away. You don’t have the time for this.


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