Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aries | May 2011


This is the month where everything starts falling into place, Aries!
Any project that you have been working on for a while now (could be yourself as well!) is going to come to fruition.  This will give you personal satisfaction and confidence that will boost your already high-on-energy-year.  May 2011 is going to be your month of Celebrations and Success!

The 10 of Cups is a card of celebration, so you will start to realize that all those things on your checklist have started to fulfill themselves one by one;  bringing you joy that you desire:  the stuff that makes you feel alive!

If you are looking to put some money away, invest wisely and you won’t regret it. This is also an excellent time to Celebrate with a holiday or a vacation, the entire family in tow.


I know this should be about your romantic life, but the cards seem to have other ideas for you.You are finally going to get that job or new assignment you have been waiting to hear back from, Congratulations! It could be a raise, a bonus or even an opportunity from out of the blue! Does this mean you don’t have time for love?

Possibly.  But it could even indicate that you will find your special someone on this new assignment, or through this project – the bringer of good news catches your fancy and how! If you are focusing on surrounding yourself by people who can help you invest wisely and make sound investments, then your prayers will be answered. All that swooning over this somebody is likely to be a distraction -so stay focused!


The Ace of Wands tells you that your inspiration is on an all time high - and that you are constantly ideating to make your next big move. Ever since May has begun, you feel fidgety and you think about all those great business ventures you could be founding and you even notice how appropriate your ideas are for the relevant audience. Good for you, because now it seems more easy and has the possibility to take form.

You are going to hugely benefit from keeping a pen and pad handy from all that overflow of ideas – write each one of them down, because you'll soon realize that everything links to something in the bigger picture. You’ll get there, eventually!

What to watch out for:

If you are looking to make important changes in your life, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keep nurturing what you already have (especially if it is functioning well) and don’t get drawn into the highs of all the new opportunities as they continue to present themselves, they could just be there to lure you away from the task at hand.

It’s important for you to remind your someone special that you will still be there and won’t allow yourself to be engulfed in the whirlwind of success about to hit you. The highs of success can be very magical and may seem absolutely breathtaking, but don’t kick those about who have been there to support and encourage you. Your patience with these friends may really be tested, so stay strong and be aware of how your behavior can come across as arrogance and/or scoffy.

You’ve got to try to keep the peace, if you wish to keep these people around. Else if you think you want to let someone (or something) in your life go, doing it during this time will make that less dramatic.

Good Luck!

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