Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pisces | December 2011


This December you feel overwhelmed by how quickly things are changing in your surroundings, dear Pisces, and your imagination works overtime as you get lost day dreaming about the many things you could or should be doing.

There is also tendency to live in illusion as you find yourself spoilt for choice – should I do this, that or the other? It is also the kind of time where you are quite easily convinced to let go of all logic and make decisions on an impulse and whim. How practical are you being?

Aquarius | December 2011


Dear Aquarius, you find your world view turning on its head as things rapidly begin to unfold this December!

The Hanged Man appears in your reading indicating that as you let go of some of the things that no longer serve you, things slowly begin to fall into place.

Capricorn | December 2011


The month of December brings into your life a personality who is fun loving, caring, lives life with gusto and is willing to use his charms to attain his goals!

Enchanted by this person you find yourself drawn to their world of the high life, as you see this person move seamlessly through social circles- witty and completely self-assured.

Sagittarius | December 2011


The month of December brings new beginnings in terms of money and material comforts to you and boy, what a great time for this card to show up – it’s after all the time of your birthday - and the holidays too!

Are you planning on finally buying that new car this week, dear Sagge?

Scorpio | December 2011


The month of December, dear Scorpio, brings with it a time to reflect and
introspect the happenings of the year gone by.

As the holiday season nears, you find yourself withdrawing to a place of silence and disconnecting from material connections of the outer world – not able to appreciate the hoopla and noise about the commercialized holiday sales. Expensive gift items and other material gestures will no longer give you the satisfaction they once did.

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