Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cancer | May 2011

Cancerians have a great month ahead. You are reaching a comfortable place in your career – and this makes you confident, allows you believe more in your abilities and lets you ride a high.

May 2011 is going to bring you a great mentor, advisor (or you could be one yourself!) who keeps you protected and guides you with her best foot forward.

The month is likely to feel like you’re crossing hoops of fire without even realizing it, all because you have the protection and guidance of this great mentor or spiritual guide.  You won't realize until much later, the things you got past truly unscathed. Keep up!

If you just started a job, the boss  or an immediate senior is going to take a great interest in helping you achieve your goals! Lucky you!


Will you Cheat or be cheated on?  Or is there a secret that they always kept? May 2011 might bring some secrets out into the open that will make you feel disappointed and change your relationship on its head. There's no need to panic - just read on and understand what you can do, if this does happen.

The 10 of swords is a card representing feeling backstabbed and wronged, more likely -  about learning something  about your lover (or family) that you wish you hadn’t.  This could be something minuscule that you over react to, but might not be that big of a deal in any way. But this reading is about helping you solve the situation right?

So think about it :

Is this something small that you over-reacted to? Does it possibly make you feel like a victim of deceit or unfaithfulness? Do you always allow your significant other to take you for granted? Could this be a result of your own actions? Have you allowed the loopholes to form?

This reading is here to warn you from the out impulsive lash and the possible anger blow ups. Take some time to think about the way you react or over-react to situations. Be aware of yourself and if you see the signs, plan ahead on dealing with a situation such as this.  It can’t always be their fault, so think hard about what you have or have not been doing.  Sort out the situation and be dignified about it. Center yourself and focus on what the consequences would be, if this were to occur. Deal with it accordingly.

Remember, it happens in the best of relationships - the goal is to pass through it without making much of a mess. Think it over coolly, and see what you want to do about it.


Excellent time, dear Cancer for reaping the rewards of a deed you did in the past.

This is possibly that Month when someone from your past or childhood comes upto you and you two get into a business arrangement that allows you to work together and reminisce- something you love doing. Allow yourself to indulge in such an opportunity if someone appears from the past to express their respect and longing to align with your professionally.

Think it out well, then go out to the swings – like old times!

What to watch out for:

Listen to nobody, but yourself.

This month seems to be more positive on the workfront – so don’t allow someone to spill gravy all over your ideas.  Think deep and hard, then act on your decisions. If you are having some relationship issues, don’t allow someone else to play advisor in what the best outcome will be. You need to work this out like adults , between the two of you and make things work.

If you are looking to disconnect or end matters with certain people, do not do so based on reasons other than them and you - ignore gossip and word play completely. It’s always very easy for people to jump in and swoop when a quarrel occurs – so, the best advice would be: don’t take the mess outside!

Good Luck!

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