Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taurus | May 2011


Do people tend to cross the line a lot around you? May is going to be a time where your patience will be tested and you are going to reach the point where you see things for what they are. This is going to be a month of constant self-questioning, anxiety and will be an important phase for you to analyze. Reflect and think about where you're allowing things to get out of limits.

Because you are a greatly receptive and supportive personality, you allow others to have access to you at all times - draining you completely of your personal recharge time. If you are the kind of person who lives to help others, but who’s calls don’t get answered when you’re in need –it’s the month you analyze your relationships and stop allowing yourself to be taken advantage of.

You’re likely to have moments where you feel like just hitting that bed and never coming out from under those covers. Insomnia, restlessness and dreading the next morning is a phase often applicable when this card appears (in some cases of abusive superiors such as strict bosses or parents who are extremely hands-on with everything)   or it could simply imply  fears of going to class the next day.

This is going to be that month where you are really looking into yourself to seek answers and re-define some of that goody-two-shoes image you like to keep. Reflection is your theme for May 2011, and you need to help yourself realize the imbalance you have been creating around you.

Good Luck – and trust this phase to be a strong resurgence period.


This May you’re going to find your ideal better half , if you are looking in all the right places. When this happens to you - suddenly you find yourself hoping you had wished for more things.

The 9 of cups symbolizes the fulfillment of wishes – so this card appearing for you in a love spot strongly indicates you being able to connect with another person (or people : if you have started hanging in a new group or have family over for the summer) at a level you have always dreamt of.
For those already in successful relationships, don’t allow something small to push your boat over and misuse your geni -  because you are at a position to get that break up or divorce if you think of it as a resolve!

Your wishes are being watched, use them wisely.


Don’t allow someone else to take credit for your work. You feel  lost to competition and possibly betrayed by someone at the workplace this May. You might wish that you could just quit and walk out on everything.

You are also likely to be in a very volatile state this month, so don’t give in to jabs and taunts – breathe your anger away and don’t get swayed by your emotions. Take the high road, and practice giving second chances.
If you have been looking to get a job abroad, to relocate or are looking to travel to find yourself – this is the right month to do it. Just be sure you weigh out your options before you clear out that desk.

What to watch out for:

Do you know someone who can’t do without  him/her (more likely a her) having their final word? Be aware of being coaxed into making a decision you don’t want to. The person is more likely to sway you into making a dramatic blow out in a situation that isn’t even a quarter of how huge you think it is. Think of it as adding fuel to fire, if you will.

Be careful if you think someone is trying to push your buttons, being extra hard on you for no reason whatsoever and try your best to play meek  - instead of fighting authority. Don't allow them to get under your skin!

This card generally is indicative of a taskmaster boss, or of someone who misuses their power and influence to treat everyone like you-know-what. Don’t have any of it.  Be magnanimous and kill with sweetness.

Good Luck!

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