Thursday, May 12, 2011

Capricorn | May 2011


This month you’re looking at your career prospects from a new point of view. You are considering expanding your boundaries and taking some leaps in new directions. But what lies beyond?

The Two of Wands indicates a search of purpose, a scan of territory and a sort of eagle-eye view at opportunities that could possibly lie ahead at the end of certain choices.

You are looking at taking some big steps that will allow you to experience the world as you have always seen it – only problem is , you’re not quite sure where to start.

This May you find yourself focusing on making a choice and going head-on into the distance – come what may.

For those in a not-so-adolescent stage, this is the time in your life where you’re reflecting on your choices, achievements and thinking about whether it’s all been worth it. Then the next thing you think of is to go to the airport and just pick a flight to get on…when else are you going to have the time, right?


You’re possibly emerging from a relationship that didn’t do so well or fell apart financially. And this is a time of testing your loyalties: to your lover or to the buck.

Now I do know this is the love section, but perhaps this reading reflects relationships drawing apart because of lifestyle clashes. He spends too much, she spends too much – he just bought a car we can’t afford, stuff like that is the theme of the month.

Also for those dating, be a little more careful and understanding around your lover who is going through a rough monetary patch. You don’t want to make them feel like they mean nothing to you without their wallets. It’s a great time to do some outdoor surprise dates and allow each other to feel intimacy without having spent a gazillion dollars on the setup. Do something special this May!

If you are in a relationship because of monetary security – be prepared for the nature of this bond to be exposed. Allow yourself to appreciate the people in your life minus their jobs, their homes and their big paychecks. This month, your focus is on the beauty of the soul. Can you try connecting with people on that level?


It’s possible that you have had enough this month – or will reach that state of ‘nothing pleases me anymore.’ In reference to what I’ve said above, I’m even going to add that it is possible that you are the one who needs to realize that if something doesn’t fulfill you- it’s okay to take a break and regroup.

If you are in your job for the money and not for the love of what you do – you will find yourself taking up projects which are too consuming and distract you from being able to deliver. You take upon too much and then realize that you wish you hadn’t been so eager.

This month sees you realizing that materialistic fulfillment of the position is making you feel like a ‘sell-out’ and you might feel an inclination to take up social work and do something more fulfilling.

I can even go onto add that the firm or job will offer you a great stay on package, but you’ve just had enough of the soul-less trolling and you need the break. Think from your soul. When was the last time you did something for yourself?

What to watch out for:

While you love friendships, you allow yourself no space to exhale around them.

You are too afraid to initiate a conflicting conversation and generally avoid inflating discussions – you’d much rather kiss and make up – phew! At least the confrontation was avoided.

This pent up one-man-ship is what is going to end up draining you – because if you work in a job with your best friend or run a firm with a partner –and you wish to dissolve this setting , you might allow your hesitation to hold you back into the rut. Doing this will make May's energies redundant and not allow you the push you so very much need.

So think things through and believe that the other person will understand when, for a change, your answer is NO.

Good Luck!

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