Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pisces | June 2011


A sense of balance takes over for the Pisceans this month.

Temperance, the card of balance, reflection and calm indicates that the month will be more about maintaining an inner-balance – and not allowing you to over-react or feel shaken by change. You are a lot more in control of how you perceive things this June, Pisces!

This month will see you taking a new approach to the way you deal with emotional situations and help you examine the way you perceive and react to occurrences. Do you take too many things in your stride? or Do you fight every step of the way? Should you be working to find a middle ground?

It’s all about finding an inner-balance and really marveling at your ability to be in control of your own happiness! You're a little more self-aware and this helps making changes in behaviors you no longer enjoy.

The card also is indicative of health being restored and previous ailments having healed. You don’t have much to complain about this June, Pisces- the outcome of last month’s Tower is best reflected in this month’s achievement of restored balance. Good for you!


There’s a new way in which you perceive relationships this month, Pisces and that makes you realize that you probably had it all wrong this whole time! While you may not be wrong in your perception – it’s just that you see things in a completely new light this month and that makes you feel a lot wiser in matters of love and relationships.

It’s possible that a lot of this learning comes from recently ended relationships or changes encountered within relationships that will allow you to really see something for it’s true worth. Perhaps you see more facets of your bonds than you did before.

This June you’re allowing yourself to put together a new rule-book as it were- to help better define and re-arrange your relationship structures. You’ve finally realized what your must have’s and have-nots are and you’re beginning to realize that you are ready to make your relationships more fulfilling!


You’ve laid out some of the groundwork for what you want to do in your career. But where do you go from here? This June sees you forcing yourself to be more proactive in expanding your potential and finding new opportunities to widen your horizons.

It’s likely that you are thinking about tapping into a new market, branching out on your own or finding a franchisee for your company. There’s a possibility that you are looking for ways to expand your education and look for job-trainee-ships that help you learn on the job.

On the whole this month is great for scouting new opportunities to add on to what you are already doing.

What to Watch out For

While it may feel like an exciting time for you to go on an easter egg hunt, don’t stay up all night if you can’t find something the first time around. Realize that these things take time.

There’s likelihood of you pushing yourself too hard in the excitement to tap into that something new. The thing is, it’s going to be found no matter what – so allow yourself to be patient, create a fixed time or a routine and approach the search methodically. Don't allow the panic to consume you.

Trying to spend every minute of every day looking for your resource might cause feelings of stress and pressure – and we don’t want that now, do we?

In short: approach your search a little more calmly and let the process be of learning and fulfillment.

Good Luck!

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