Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sagittarius | May 2011


That burst of confidence that you’ve been waiting for (that’ll flip things on their head) is coming – but in the latter end of May. The Ace of Swords indicates new conflicts, new confidence, new gusto – like a new lease of energy to plough through your enemies, well almost.

It seems like the last month(s) have had you feel very suppressed, unmovable and made you feel like you were some sort of pawn in a bigger game. All that is about to change.

You are looking to find a way to break through and get what you deserve, instead of all these errands you’ve been made to do that aren’t even your job! You are a strong believer in fairness, equality and justice and you think that it’s about time you practiced what you preach.

Hold onto your guns and don’t explode just yet – your window of opportunity to prove your worth shall present itself toward the end of May ; just hold tight – and practice your fencing. Remember : With a situation like yours, you don’t want to be trumped on your big blowout – for stuff like this timing is everything.

Focus your energies, and wait for your moment.


This May, you love in abundance.

It’s going to be all about showing that special someone (or being shown by them) how much you truly care. The month seems to reflect greatly on wining, dining and some woo hoo.

Too much of anything good – can sometimes be a bad thing, right? (Notice, I say sometimes)

You ought to be a little wary and don’t overdo the crazy. Sometimes we aren’t seeing the whole picture. If someone around you is suddenly being all nice and constantly making all these big dates- what’s the big goof up that they're trying to cover? Or are they genuinely being nice?

This isn’t an indication for you to be suspicious –but it definitely is a warning to be true your dignity, your self-reliance and to be ‘mentally present’ in situations where you are likely to be swayed for ulterior motives.

Don't buy easily into anything at face value, think things through before acting!

The month of May, on the other hand looks like a great month to be out, about and dating – but remember it is never good to falter your own moral code in the haze of the moment. There’s a reason the aftermath results in regret. So bottomline: have responsible fun!


Great opportunities are coming your way Sag. Perhaps this is the time for you to mentally prepare yourself for the next phase in your job life.

The Knight of Wands indicates a strongly passionate professional who is focused and completely in love with what he/she does. Expect to be offered a way out of your (above mentioned) unjust mess – when someone thinks that you have a lot of potential – and offers to take you under their wing.

This is a great month for seeking help, expressing interest in being an assistant, looking for a mentor or being involved in any sort of counseling. You feel that you can do much better than what you already are- you just need to hear someone say the three words: Go for it!

What to watch out for:

This reading seems to be mostly about a prospective job change, so I’m going to interpret this section accordingly.

Don’t allow yourself to get weighed down in the pros and cons of making certain changes that have been a long time coming. This month you will find yourself having the ability to “create” pros where non exist, so allow yourself to take some risks (career-wise) and think of it as an attempt to free yourself from the rut you already are living in.

In hindsight, don’t let someone else tell you how big of a mistake you are making when you announce your decision – because it really doesn’t matter what someone else thinks. Sometimes, you allow them to cloud your vision and this creates bigger confusion for you - you doubt the whole process and introduce obstacles from the get go!

So the bottom line here would be – Think things through and act wisely. Stop asking everyone else what to do. When you choose something : stand for it.

Good Luck!

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