Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scorpio | May 2011


The three of swords indicates high sensitivity - which means this month you are more likely to snap, withdraw or feel ambushed, from time to time.

This May, you are going to find yourself taking things to heart more easily – making it hard for people to be around you. So be a little aware of this – and allow things around you to have a sense of humor.

While criticism is something everyone learns to deal with in time, you find yourself bringing out your innermost flaws and beating yourself over the head with them – why do I always do this? And why don’t I ever do that?

The key is to be aware that this month you are sensitive and this might be a good time to think about why you let things get to you so easily – or why stupid words matter in the first place?


Great month for Romance, Scorpio!

You find yourself spoilt for choice – and don’t quite understand why every person that looks at you seems ‘perfect.'

The flipside to this is, you are constantly typecasting the people you see, in reference to people who you have been interacting with before – and this plays spoilsport to your chances.

You are likely to be so overwhelmed, that instead of jumping the opportunity –you’re going to want to just ‘chuck it’ and feel more comfortable withdrawing into a ‘why does this always happen to me’ phase. Think about why you do that. Why do you deflect, when you actually get what you want?

The trick here is to understand – that you’re looking at the overflowing glass as empty and finding little specs of dirt on it, that don’t exist. You are going to find yourself ‘noticing’ your mood swings around people, as well.


Great time to make that next big shift, Scorpio – if you haven’t already.

If you have reached a place in your career that keeps you happy- but not satisfied, then you are probably better off looking for that job that allows you to feel both.

This May you suddenly realize your potential to expand your ideas in a way that only you see fit – the fact that people around you underestimate you frustrates you – and this is why you feel the urge to make the shift. You want to feel the feather light feeling that comes with balance – success notwithstanding – and this month you are focused at learning to be more jovial, celebrating life’s tiny moments and enjoying being alive! Good for you!

Be prepared though, because if you do make a leap to pursue something you personally believe in – that you might not find many supporters – but you’ve got to keep going, no matter what. It’s only a matter of time they thump your back in support – so don’t take anything (/ since we have the criticism card) to heart.

It could also be – that some of you this month are in a place of celebration to have finally found that perfect balance (for now, at least) and so you are focusing your energies on keeping your happy place more accessible and allowing yourself to visualize the life you wish to live.

What to watch out for:

Be aware of your tendency to strongly hold onto things – and people.

You have a tendency to protect and control your immediate surroundings – be it who can use the family credit card to who gets to bring who to the home, and what not. It really serves no one when there's policy for everything, so try to chill.

This month will find you fighting the sand running through your fingers. It could be that you are celebrating a new found promotion or job change –so allow yourself to enjoy the moment and don’t withhold the joy in all your miserlyness.Also, don't go around emptying your savings in all the money madness. The message here is to allow yourself the luxuries that you normally penny pinch around!

Learn to live big, and you’ll keep going! This is a good month to invest, however, or to allow your spouse to splurge! Learn to stop holding on so hard - and think of the mantra 'give and you shall receive!'

Good Luck!

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