Thursday, May 12, 2011

Libra | May 2011


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - How you hate making them!

This May, you are going to spend choosing your battles and letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose.  The 2 of Swords indicates a feeling of being ambushed to make choices – and you choosing not be affected by the plethora. This is a time where your conflicts come to the table in a series of yes or no questions – and you are going to make your choices without getting drowned in the drama of everything.

As the sign represented by scales – this month will see you weighing a lot of options and decisions very analytically before you kick something into the bin. This is a good time to downsize conflicts – get rid of things that no longer are relevant to you – and possibly allow yourself to resolve some confusion. Don’t waste time indulging in arguments that are irrelevant – cut your losses and get out of unsavory situations; they're not worth the time or the effort.  

If you feel like you’re at a crossroads – it’s a good time to really think out the consequences of the choice you make, because this is the month you will be more likely to look at only the positives and see a more pleasant picture. Don’t try to make everyone happy – arrive at  your decisions yourself. Keep the “Bring it on” attitude and sort the mail ruthlessly, if you must.

Things that need to stick on, will seem to find a way.


You are in a phase of resurgence.

This May you will find yourself looking at avenues a lot more differently (more pleasantly, I daresay),  and realign your expectations and involvement in relationships. The death card indicates newfound territory, self-renewal and allows a sense of new perspectives.

You are finally going to let go of some of the redundant baggage and begin to see things in a new light. This also indicates you are likely to meet someone, who allows you to feel the renewed spark of excitement. You’ve learned to look past the cobwebs and beyond the sunset, this should be exciting.


This month sees you focus on non-traditional methods of achieving job satisfaction. You are going to spend your time involved in projects that are not (or anti) main stream and it allows you a great sense of satisfaction to be involved in the non-conventional. You are ready to wrap up your current projects and move into a more self-fulfilling phase of your career.

If in a full-time job, you will find yourself having reached your point of breaking – and this month you think about packing up that desk and taking that year-long vacation you have been dreaming of since forever. This card is also indicative of having had enough,  and moving on.

For those involved projects that have been on the hold, you’re going to start finishing up all the projects and move into something bigger, alternatively, something at a different level. Are your ready for some fun?


What to watch out for:

You find yourself blaming the occurrence of your failures upon your shortcomings, stop doing that. You are involved in multiple avenues that need nurturing of their own – and sometimes you can only do so much , right? Can you go into the soil and pull out the plant “ Grow, grow NOW!”? 

So this month, allow yourself more time to complete projects – focus more on relaxation and self-nurturing. This will allow you to refocus your energies and re-align yourself.

There is also likelyhood of feeling bound by responsibilities, feeling restricted of bigger opportunities (if in a job that has a step-by-step promotion policy) and also a feeling of helplessness. Know that everyone pretty much passes through this phase and that you’re much better off focusing your thoughts on unwinding and releasing these build ups.

Perhaps spend more time on hobbies?

Good Luck!

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