The Tarot is a bridge between the subconscious, unconscious and the conscious mind.
All those things that we don't quite remember from the past, things we forget from our dreams and those tiny little things that nag at our insides, but you just cant figure out what or why -  is  exactly what connecting with the deck of Tarot makes possible.

While we seek solutions to our problems in our day to day life, the Tarot helps us unravel the mysteries of the unforeseen and the potential obstacles occurring due to our approach to things, as they are. A tarot reading can help you understand the (literal, and not so literal) obstacles that are holding us back from achieving our goals and what we can continue to do or must stop doing, (such as : Stop focusing on all that can go wrong, instead of working to enhance the positives!) in order to make the process easier.

Of course, there can be no guarantees -as your actions and your emotions evolve from day to day - but what the Tarot does help you do, is to see things from a more analytical perspective and that can help set you on the right paths and to not  let you get drowned out by things that are redundant - but you tend to focus upon.

I've been reading cards for over seven years and found that the accuracy continues to get freakier by the day. As with any other supernatural science, the Tarot does bring to the reader more clarity through a heightened  clairvoyant ability - so this process is really as much learning for me, as it is for you.

Go ahead and check out your monthly reading on the website - I do those by Sunsign - and if you have a question or would like a consultation, write to me at shaktipherwani [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll be sure to help you get a more objective perspective on things.

If you know your Ascendant and/or Moon signs, you can check those out too and they will help you add more relevance to your month and/or the year in general.

Good Luck and I hope you enjoy the readings!

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for coming back every month to access your sign's Tarotscope. I do hope these are able to guide you in whatever way and are applicable to your situation (or of someone you know who shares the same sign!)

Because these readings are made for the sign in general, it is not always possible to be accurate with respect to each person who falls under a Sun Sign.

If you don't know about your rising sign - use the calculator below - and it'll tell you which other Sign's reading you should be accessing (in addition to your sunsign) to get a more accurate gist of the month ahead.

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