Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aquarius | May 2011


Why is everything your fault? Why always you?

This is the month where things feel like they’re falling from the ceiling all perfectly aimed at you. While it isn’t a very pleasant thing to read, it allows you think about whether things actually conspire against you, or are you just seeing things from your cynical perspective?

May allows you to introspect, think about why you allow yourself to take a lot of crap from any and everybody - thus leaving you absolutely spineless and you have no energy to contest them in the bargain. It drains you of your energy, and you feel worthless. Why give something else that power?

You think that people are out to get you, you feel a little scorned and fail to see the number of things that are in your favour. So is it cynicism or self-pity? Have you thought about why you keep whining all the time? Do you think your actions are justified? Do you like being the victim?

This month you will find yourself strengthening your defences and try your level best to not let those negativities get you down. It’s a great skill to be able to be the keeper of your happiness – find it!


You’re feeling that fire in your belly to jump into unfamiliar territory. And this certain other seems so perfectly the recipe to liberation. Can you allow yourself this indulgence?

This May you are going to pursue the sights of a certain other who has taken your fancy, because you have never quite experienced a personality like this before. The fact that they are completely the opposite of you, makes it seem like they are just what you need in your life right now.

Allow yourself to fall into the depths of this infatuation –because there is a lot of learning to come from this being. Just don’t dive with your eyes closed – don’t forget who you are – and don’t be eager to please.

This one seems to be a keeper. Good luck!


Get me out of here is what your insides are echoing. What you gonna do?

This May you find yourself really questioning the essence of your being. Am I here
on this earth to bring my boss coffee? Is this it?

Don’t blame anyone but yourself for this new revelation. You have started to realize that you have been idealizing some of the most hollow things in life and now that you are starting to see things for what they are – it upsets you.
Sure, you are an adult and you are able to handle anything that comes your way – the question here is: Is this what I want to spend the rest of my life doing?

You are likely to be disconnected at work, feeling unhelpful, and will be ready to take the day off at the drop of a sneeze. Really think about why you feel so repulsed or annoyed by all of this. Or are you just going through a personal phase that is draining your emotional resources completely?

Listen to your inner voice.

What to watch out for:

Don’t buy the silly stories you hear all around you. But trust in your own.

It seems like your reading has a lot to do with self-discovery and less about physical manifestation of materialistic things.

You have got to build strong inner-armor and believe in your ‘stupidest’ ideas – because your imagination is a being that you cannot drown. While you do understand that what everyone else says is the practical thing to do – don’t let them make you cynical.

Keep your ideas to yourself- develop them , pursue them and continue to let them drive you. For without dreams you are nothing but a machine. Well, almost, right?

Dream big and achieve big!

Good Luck!

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