Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gemini | May 2011


May's looking great : ideas, fertility and success – are all coming your way Gemini!

This is the month where you get to push your boundaries and allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. You feel successful, you feel you have ‘arrived’ and you’re in a place you feel very comfortable with.

The month will be easy gains, ideas flowing as seamlessly (write them all down , they’re all awesome!) and be very careful and guard those big ventures you’re sure are going to make the big bucks - even walls have years, you know!
If you are trying for a child, this would be the month you succeed. On the other hand, those of you not trying, be wary  as this card indicates high fertility - and could result in accidental pregnancies.

You feel the need to consult someone because while you might be ‘satisfied’ with your relationship and love status, you are not ‘happy’. This month you find yourself questioning past relationships, studying your mistakes and looking for guidance and reinforcement from those around you who you look upto.

You also find yourself wishing for a blessing, you want the love in your life to flourish and expand and consume you, but you want to be able to know how to make all this happen, without seeming too desperate. You are a guarded sign, so you are looking to learn how to open up and allow yourself to channel the love, without having to ask. Can you learn by watching?

This is a great month to consult an astrologer, a mentor or a parent for some worldly insight about love. You are seeking some answers that you thought you had all figured out – but now someone will help you see the bigger picture. Make that call - you'll be grateful.

You’ve had enough. Really.

You’ve spent so much time in this place (in your career) that it brings you no satisfaction anymore. You strongly feel the urge to re-orient your thoughts ideas or you will explode. The month is going to help you break away from the things you were forcing yourself to do, but were not meant to.

The Tower indicates change in structure and reincarnation and this month, you are going to change your routine, turn down the gears and relax a little. You’ve tried to do it the hard way out and it hasn’t been any different, so why waste more time, right? Believe that this change will help you reach the goal you originally wanted to aim toward, and you will find something you had almost lost.

What to watch out for:

The quick of the tongue and the sharp on the curbside  -be very aware of who you are surrounding yourself with. This month will help you see the true nature of someone who’s in it just to win-it and will step over anything (or one) to get what they want. It could also indicate termination of relationships because a partner is going to a distant place or moving.

Additionally, if you have a boss that functions purely on his social celebrity rollcalling abilities- your ladder climbing prospects might take a hit in his bid to please someone else. Watch your expectations where this is concerned, don't allow yourself to be walked all over on.

It's best to take things with a pinch of salt, but be wary when you feel the signs of the flaky dust that tries to blind your eyes. Realize that something is going on, allow yourself to disconnect from it. If you can continue in this arrangement, in spite of things being hazy - then you'll be okay.

Good Luck!

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