Monday, July 11, 2011

Virgo | July 2011


The month of July sees you wishing you were a child again. Wasn’t it so much easier back then?

There’s a sense of yearning for the innocence that prevailed during the good old days. If only life was all about playing house!

This month you yearn for things that are more real, more family like and allow you to feel the security of a closely bonded family.

You’re beginning to feel bitter about the imperfections in the outer world and thinking about the good times - this allows you to restore your balance – because you are a lover of truth and perhaps feel like you need to be taken care of, for a change.

Spending more time with family or children will be a great stress-buster this month.


Are you holding on too tightly to what little you have?

This July you’re feeling the pinch in the pocket. Job and finance worries are the focus of your attention and you feel the need to protect your assets.

It’s possible that all your focus is on the control of your life and it’s structure, thus not allowing love to flourish in your life. This possessiveness is blocking new change in your life and not allowing you to look outside of the money and career mould.

You need to allow yourself to truly give and receive in order to unblock the energy flow- stop hanging onto your finances as this is causing obstruction to your progress.


This month, you feel like you’re completely in control of your career – but a sense of having peaked surrounds the achievement, which makes you feel a bit stagnated.

You’re being placed in a position to teach, nurture and provide advice to others – however this makes you feel like you aren’t learning very much yourself.

While being needed feels great for everyone, you are feeling fully in control of everything you can do and feel like you have maximized your potential in your current career profile.

What to Watch out For

There are ideas that you allow to cloud your judgement – and this takes away from allowing you to see things for what they are – and taking any steps toward achieving them.

It is possible that you are driven by the magic of possibilities, however there is little much that you are doing in order to realize these dreams.

Allow yourself to strike a balance between your aspirations and your achievements and this will allow you to steer in the direction you wish to go.

Good Luck!

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