Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leo | May 2011

Seven of Swords, Leo, indicates that the month may require you to be more forthcoming and aggressive in order to achieve what you want to. Lately, you’ve been trying to play nice and in the attempt as such, you are allowing some pretty fundamental values of your sign being questioned– how do you think this makes you feel? This aggression however, should be in no way taken to face value –but to be viewed as a self-reflective process: are you ridding yourself of responsibility or choosing to dishonor someone else to get ahead? Are you planning to sneakily one-up someone at the cost of losing everything you’ve earned?

It’s also possible this month you feel that things are being stolen right from out of your kitty – your superiors are taking credit for your hard work , and you are just letting things pass you by. Alternatively, you are being too aggressive in your approach towards things and pushing every resource possible to get what you want. Beware of being taken for granted – don’t try to indulge in foul play with others – running away from a mess doesn’t help anyone , procrastinating the issue doesn’t always make it go away, now does it?

You’re looking for those eyes in the crowd that look like they’ve been searching for you since forever.
This month, you stumble upon some potential lover at the workplace, perhaps via colleagues and you think that you’re at the right place at the right time. Howcome you haven’t seen this person before? Were they in the next building this whole time?

Don’t rush into anything, however – be sure both of you want the same things – they might be in it just for the contract – you, however are already head over heels!  

Excellent time to finally achieve results for all that hard work!
The Month of May allows you to finally see the plants shooting up from the soil. The card indicates success, completion and fulfillment. If you have been waiting to launch that idea or new business policy, this is the month to do it.

Additionally, you are advised to keep working at whatever it is you have taken upon yourself – because you might just feel exhausted at the tip of it’s completion – but don’t shirk just yet, carry on! Great Month to hear about admission letters, job appointments and monetary aid sanctions.

What to watch out for:
Obsession and blind faith are your two vices of the month. Sometimes, you allow yourself to blindly go with the flow, not seeing or hearing your nagging insides that are fluttering with warning. May 2011 is likely to find you fully focused, driven and so truly faithful to whatever you take upon yourself, that you might find yourself going into overdrive.

Avoid contracts that bind you for long periods of time, if something seems too good to be true –trust the instinct and move onto the next choice. The Devil indicates a jealous, possessive personality – so beware of behaving stalker-ishly  in situations where you are already two steps ahead of yourself.
Be aware, study the fine print and make an informed decision – then go get some fresh air and release those anxieties.  This month is appropriate to free yourself from redundant day-to- day madness and pursue only those things that matter.
Good Luck!

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