Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scorpio | June 2011


The money’s finally coming your way, Scorpio.

This June you are likely to receive an inheritance, win the lottery or receive a windfall of some kind. If you have been waiting on a payment or money that has been a long-time-owed – it’s finally going to find you – and it seems like it will do so at the right time!

The month puts you at ease and allows you to really be grateful for what you’re getting! You know that you’ve been working so hard, but money just always almost stays out of your grasp. This time, you’ll actually have some to put away or invest.

Don’t spend it all at once though – get the goodwill flowing one expense at a time! Celebrate!


You’re finally going to see the light, Scorpio – and I mean this in a good way!

This June, you feel like a little child all giddy and excited in the company of that someone special. Your life couldn’t seem more perfect than when you are with your partner or current lover. You love coming home to them, and their energies just lift your spirits like nobody else can.

Those who are single are very likely to run into an almost perfect-match. The trick is to pursue some of your encounters and see where it goes. You never know who’s wearing a mask to hide themselves from you. Perhaps if you take the time to take that off - you'll be amazed!

This time, you’re going to find them – and are not going to want to let go! An intimate June awaits, Scorpio!


Not too happy in your current job , are you?

You’re going to reach a breaking point this month – in the sense that you will feel that your career has taken over your life and that you haven’t really achieved all that you thought you would when you first started out here.

Are you stuck in a rut? How long back did you take a vacation? When’s the last time you had a life? If these are thoughts circling your head then perhaps you need to start working on yourself and focusing on the things in your life that are lacking.

This June, you’re feeling cheated, weary and not-very satisfied. It’s a good time to go out and see what else there is that you could do!

How about something completely out of your comfort zone, that uses your hands. Take up pottery or an art class perhaps?

What to Watch out For

You don’t believe in your abilities very much Scorpio –and that’s what holds you back.

This month don’t think about all the things that you think you lack. You’ve got to really stand up for yourself and ask for that raise if you think it’s about time.

Don’t second-guess your ability to succeed or to find that special someone – or to be able to balance both a work life and your love life. You can do it. And with an intensity such as your sign, you can do it better than anyone else!

Believe in your Strength. It's there. You just need to tap into it!

Good Luck!

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