Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pisces | December 2011


This December you feel overwhelmed by how quickly things are changing in your surroundings, dear Pisces, and your imagination works overtime as you get lost day dreaming about the many things you could or should be doing.

There is also tendency to live in illusion as you find yourself spoilt for choice – should I do this, that or the other? It is also the kind of time where you are quite easily convinced to let go of all logic and make decisions on an impulse and whim. How practical are you being?

The uncertainty, as a result of this, may disturb your daily order and you may often regret an impulsive decision just as quickly after making it. There may be imbalance in the system around you and this what the card indicates.

If completely out of sync, this December you may decide to finally bring some discipline in your life and incorporate a new system which may require both work and effort.


Are you too comfortable in your surroundings, dear Pisces?

Your reading indicates a need for change on all levels – starting from the place you live, work and/or spend most of your time in to the way you manage and maintain relationships.

With the moon in your love reading, you find yourself listing the pros and cons of almost every decision you make, but this is a time to make some choices inspite of their goods and bads – and forget the confusion caused by all that list-making.

There is need for expansion of your world view and it is possible you learn to become more accepting of the things that are not so black and white in the real world this December.

The appearance of this card also indicates that you may feel ready to explore the unseen and venture out into unfamiliar territory, meeting new people and indulging in activities you would otherwise avoid.


You feel a sense of achievement and pride this December as things finally fall into place on the work front.

A sense of credibility is attached to the services you provide and this leaves you feeling joyful about the work you do and the way you do it.

With creativity and inspiration by your side this month, your self-assurance and confidence pushes you to take on new challenges and embrace the positivity around you!

Resolution Focus:

It’s time to let go off that possessive streak you posses, dear Pisces – as the year comes down to a close.

As you prepare to step into 2012 you need to let go of your tendency to hold on to the ones you hold near and dear. It is also likely that with the coming in of new energies circumstances may no longer be within your control - so you ought to prepare yourself to let go of any controlling tendencies and open yourself to living in the moment.

You may also want to watch your ignorance levels because reasons of helplessness and inability to keep up will no longer be able to excuse you from your obligations!

Wishing you a Happy New Year and I will see you in early Jan for your 2012 Full Year Forecast!

Good Luck!

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