Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pisces | October 2011


October 2011 is all about new emotional beginnings for you, dear Pisces.

This month is likely to bring onto you a new discovery in your relationships and personal connections.

Things suddenly start to dawn upon you, and the most obvious observations to others make you go ‘hmm, interesting!’

Relationships are renewed and there’s a sense of excitement to meet people, socialize and to connect with others on a more daily basis this month. You enjoy the energy in the exchange – and you want to be there to soak it all in!

This is likely to be a month where you develop new spiritual interest – or a sudden discovery of your heightened psychic ability.


The Nine of Cups is the card of wish fulfillment, dear Pisces – and it appears for your love sector reading.

You’ll find it funny how everything you’ve been thinking about starts to materialize in some form or the other.

If you’ve been thinking about having more time to socialize and spend with your friends – you’ll notice that October brings you many opportunities to do just that.

If you have been looking forward to meeting someone new – also very possible.

The thing with this card is, you may not know instantly that you got just what you had been wishing for. Suddenly one morning you wake up and it hits you!

Did you create all that? Yes, you sure did.


You’re in a happy place as far as work goes, dear Pisces. Celebrations may be in order, especially with family and close friends.

This seems to be your month of culmination in many ways – especially since October marks the beginning of a new cycle – you notice that things that have been in the back burner are starting to come to fruition and how!

This will be a month where you will be spending a lot of time in group activity, hanging out with colleagues, experiencing camaraderie and focusing your energies to achieve a collective goal.

What to watch out for

Money may flow out of your hands as quickly as it comes in.

Try to be watchful of how and where you put your money! You may feel the need to splurge – but remember to keep an eye on your account to make sure you aren’t draining it dry.

Good luck!

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